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If you don’t feel like you’re glowing from head to toe during pregnancy, you’re not alone! Pregnancy Virgin explores how bamboozling life can be when those nine months don’t go exactly the way you’d planned. Author Mandy Mauloni catalogues her ‘bump’ feelings and experiences in a humourous way and goes ‘undercover’ to uncover the reasons behind some of the stranger aspects of pregnancy. This memoir explores maternity un-fashion, loss of identity, exercise and nutrition, star sign indicators, gender disappointment, how to tell the boss, finding time for yourself and the myriad other issues that can push the ‘strong emotional response’ button. Pregnancy Virgin is a combination of Mandy’s personal journey and informational break-out boxes, designed to make you find the humour in pregnancy whilst getting a dose of knowledge along the way. Does baby’s hair really give you heartburn? What can you do about rogue ‘rhoids? Why are you feeling so mean all the time?! All the way to popping your pregnancy cherry!

A former journalist and media specialist, Mandy kept a detailed journal throughout her first foray into the Land of the Breeder, resulting in an authentic pregnancy narrative; from her orgasmic explosions to baby’s expulsion. This book is ideal for women growing a tiny human for the first time. You can even finish reading it in less time than it takes many women to give birth! The perfect gift to yourself, your friends, your partner, or any ‘Pregnancy Virgin’.


About the Author

Mandy Mauloni is an author and freelance writer. A Communications graduate, she’s also worked in television journalism, production and political public relations. Mandy lives on the Gold Coast with her young family where you’ll often find her wearing toe socks and marvelling at sunsets


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