So, is it finally the time to plan a baby shower? Or, are you just confused with small, futile details scattered around the internet? Well, your search to organize the perfect baby shower ends here. This article will tell you about every necessary detail you’ll need for planning the perfect baby shower. But let us first know a little about it.


What is a baby shower and How to know it’s the right time for the baby shower?


A baby shower party is organized to share your happiness of becoming parents with your close friends and family. You can see it as a formal or an informal party, since everyone attending will be close to you and your spouse. So, there is no need to fret about every little detail for your guests. Instead, organize the perfect baby shower party for you and your spouse’s satisfaction.


Now, there is no specific time to host a baby shower. It entirely depends on you and your spouse’s convenience. But, it is functional to organize the perfect baby shower during the end of the first trimester or second trimester of pregnancy. This is the time when you have nothing to worry for anything regarding due-date. And, a little baby bump is also visible during this period.


How to plan a baby shower perfectly?


First of all, pick a date that is convenient for you as well as your guests. For example, weekends are usually the time when the workload is nearly minimal.


Let us look at some important tips to organize a baby shower.


  1. Theme is extremely important – You will be surprised that there are a variety of themes for this party also. For example, a vintage theme, Hawaiian luau, etc. You can choose any theme that interests you and your spouse. Only after deciding on your theme, you would be able to plan other details of the party, for example, decoration. A theme is important because it could be chosen as per your personality or to indirectly tell your yet-to-be-born child’s gender. However, if you do feel that there is no need for a theme as per your personality because everyone attending knows you all well or you feel that selecting a theme to tell about your child’s gender is unnecessary, then you can choose a neutral theme for you.


  1. Guest-list is unavoidable neither invitation cards – Yes, you do need a guest list to organize the perfect baby shower. No matter how sure you are about your guests but there is always a chance to forget someone important. And, your spouse’s near and dear ones will also be invited, so preparing the guest list is always helpful to plan a baby shower.


Now when the hard part of preparing a guest list is over, you’ll need invitation cards. No, it cannot be missed even if you think it’s an informal event for you. However, the cost is trivial; besides, the invitation card gives a personal touch, so go for it undoubtedly. You need to keep in mind to select the card per your selected theme. The color, the design should complement your theme to organize the perfect baby shower.   


  1. How important is the venue – You must think that your guest list is not so elaborate; hence selecting the venue is a hassle-free task. And yes, it is a hassle-free task because it entirely depends on you and your spouse’s wishes. Many couples plan a baby venue as their home itself. The only difference between selecting an outside venue or your house is, benefit of outsourcing. An outside venue will cook food, decorate, and serve your guests. They will take care of everything and, you only need to tell them your wishes and check that everything they did is as per your expectations. While on the other hand, if you select your home as a venue then decorations, cooking, serving, etc. have to be done by yourself. But when you organize the perfect baby shower at your home, everything will give an impression of personal touch. So, it entirely depends on you and your spouse’s wishes.


  1. Menu is the most important part – The food is the soul of every party. And a baby shower is no exception. So, prepare the menu minutely to host a baby shower perfectly. Since everyone you are going to invite is close to you and your spouse, so you might be aware of at least one favorite food of everyone invited. Therefore, when preparing the menu, you shall give a thought to everyone’s choice including you and your spouses’.


  1. Games to entertain your guests – No need to worry about the games because planning the perfect baby shower only includes small, entertaining games. For example, diaper change relay race. The games are an important part to organize the perfect baby shower because it will be one of the times when all your near and dear ones will be gathered at a single place. Playing fun games will make the baby shower a memory that will never be erased from memories of you and your guests.  


  1. Gratitude gifts are also important – Yes, showing gratitude is important for strangers. But, showing gratitude to your near ones is more important. After all, all of them will be bringing gifts for the expecting mother at the baby shower. And bestow their good wishes and blessings on your growing family which is a priceless gift. So gratitude gifts will be a good touch at the end of the party.


Final words

When you want to organize the perfect baby shower party, then you will need to plan a baby showerbeforehand. All the couples want this occasion to be perfect because it is one of the few times when everyone close to your heart will spend an evening with you. So making it a memorable evening is very important. The tips to organize a baby shower mentioned herein would clear every doubt in your mind and help to plan a baby shower perfectly.



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