Finding out you’re expecting is big news. You’ll want to shout it from the rooftops! Some women want to tell family and friends right away, while others choose to wait a few weeks before making the big pregnancy announcement.

Of course your partner will be the first one you share the news with. If you want to wait a day or two and make it a surprise or find some quick DIY options, here are a few Fun Pregnancy Announcement Ideas.

Dad Pregnancy Announcement

1) Daddy T-shirt

Make your partner a shirt that says “Daddy.” Then walk in the room wearing your “Mummy” shirt while giving your partner his shirt.

2) Cake Topper

Whip up your partner’s favourite dessert and include a cake topper with something along the lines of “We’re Having A Baby!” or “Baby Loading”

3) Pet Shirt

Create or order a shirt for your pet. Place the shirt on your pet and have your pet greet your partner when they come through the door.

4) Sparkling Fruit Juice Label

Feeling bubbly? Create a bottle label with your announcement. Then pour a glass of sparkling fruit juice for you and your partner.

They may be a little confused once they notice it’s a non-alcoholic beverage. Then reveal the label and they’ll definitely want a real drink to celebrate this special surprise!

5) Impromptu Photo Shoot

Ask a photographer for a “couples shoot” to take a picture of you and your partner standing back-to-back. Create a sign that says, “I’m pregnant” and put a finger over your mouth. Have them turn around to read the news.

They’ll be grateful for the photoshoot once their reaction is caught on camera!

6) “What’s Cooking?” Pregnancy Announcement

Sooner or later, your man will open the fridge for food or a drink. Leave him a little treat in there to see if he catches on. This “little treat” could be your positive pregnancy test or a fun note or poem that reveals your announcement.

7) Scavenger Hunt

All men love a good hunt. Leave clues and riddles for him throughout your house. Place your pregnancy test, baby shoes, or onesie next to the last clue with a catchy phrase that will leave him speechless!

8) Eating For Two Bowl

As you’re settling in for breakfast, whip out your “Eating For Two” bowl. Subtly eat your cereal or oatmeal out of your reveal bowl or wave it in his face if you don’t think he’ll catch on to your hint.

Either way, it will be a breakfast to remember!

9) Pregnancy Reveal Card

Greet your partner with a pregnancy reveal card as they come through the door: “You plus me equals three.” This card is the perfect simple pregnancy announcement for your new addition!

10) Pregnancy Bookmark

Do you have a book lover on your hands? If so, make him a bookmark that says, “I’m pregnant!” or “We’re expecting!” and sneak it in his current read. Not much can make him put his book down, but this definitely will!

11) Under Construction

Before your significant other makes his way through the door, block off a room in your house with caution tape and a sign that says, “Nursery Under Construction: Opening (fill in your due date).”


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