All You Need To Know About Skincare During Pregnancy

All You Need To Know About Skincare During Pregnancy

Skincare during pregnancy is one of the big concerns when falling pregnant. But don’t worry – all the necessary information you need for your pregnancy-safe skincare routine is below. The rules are simple. You just need to find the right products that do not release toxins in your body through your skin that can be dangerous for your child in the womb.

At Mama Box we only offer products that are specifically designed for expecting mothers with their special skin requirements in mind. So, let’s look at some important things you need for your skincare routine when you are expecting.

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  1. Buckle up, your skin needs more moisture

Now, you are fully aware that your body is sharing everything it has, with your child. And, this sharing takes a toll on your body. Out of many upsets, one of the most common concerns would be the dryness of the skin. Well, it is because your vitamins and minerals are also consumed by your child. So, those essential products that kept your skin well-hydrated till now are now scarce for your body. However, you can easily resolve this issue by applying the right moisturizers made from natural ingredients. These moisturisers will balance the moisture content in your skin. This is why your pregnancy skincare must include the application of moisturizers. Without this routine, skincare during pregnancy is going to be just pointless.


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  1. Prepare for stretch marks beforehand

Yes, your skin will definitely show you the most common after-results after delivering the child. And, this common result, being stretch marks, makes every mother worry. But preparation is key to help reduce the stretch marks beforehand; and committing to helping them lighten after childbirth. You simply need a good stretch marks cream that does not contain any harmful ingredients and is high in Vitamin K and Zinc. So, adding a stretch mark cream to your daily skincare routine is a must. Checkout our range here.


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  1. Be aware of sun

Being pregnant or not, skin damage from the sun is increasing in Australia. Absolutely sun rays are extremely important for your body. After all, it gives you Vitamin D3 which is essential for your bone health. But, there is a bad thing about getting too much of everything. And, sun-rays are no exception. The sun can dry your skin out so be sure to include a good quality, natural sunscreen in your skincare routine. Because your skin becomes more sensitive during pregnancy and, sun rays can easily harm your skin, always go for a higher SPF to gain overall protection.


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  1. Stress is the biggest enemy

Undoubtedly, expecting mothers suffer from elevated levels of stress. Everyone has to go through it but the only difference you can make is to learn about managing stress. There are several recommendations you would get when you talk to your doctor about it. And all of their advice is useful in combating pregnancy-related stress. Nevertheless, some things you can do for self-care to relieve the stress is using aromatic, natural, and moisturising bath bombs. The refreshing relaxing scents mixed with soothing colors would compel you to release the stress behind and relish the moment of bathing. And, adding these in your skincare during pregnancy would also help your skin to hydrate itself, which is an additional benefit for you. Also you can also try herbal methods such as essential roll ons and herbal teas.

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  1. Sleep is your ally as well as your enemy

Skincare during pregnancy becomes so much more important only because the body goes through a different cycle. And you have to be careful about what you are using since it’s going to affect your baby too. One of the primary problems that many expectant mothers face is either they feel tired all the time which causes swelling and puffiness of eyes. Now, you cannot apply anything to get rid of this. But, there is a solution that you shall include in your pregnancy skincare routine. Use gel-bead reusable cold compress eye masks and your eyes would thank you for it. Not only your swelling and puffiness would disappear but also these eye masks are good for calming your state of mind and hydration of eyelids.


Let’s now look at some other skincare during pregnancy tips that would help you to get the best of your skincare routine.

  • Water is your best ally. It will boost your metabolism, hydrate you, and soothe stomach and hormone irregularities.
  • Get a good, moisturising and natural Lip Balm to help with dry cracked lips that is associated with pregnancy
  • You might feel hot and sweaty due to changes in the body cycle during pregnancy. But, you must avoid excessive bathing. It will simply spoil all your pregnancy skincare without giving any benefit.
  • Always use a mild, natural shampoo and conditioner to keep your hair clean as a mandatory skincare routine. Don’t forget your scalp is also a part of your skin. So, it is also going to suffer from dryness and you cannot apply moisturizer to overcome it.
  • Try your best to eat natural and clean foods as much as possible. Try your local growers market for fresh and organic produce, your skincare routine will thank you for it!
  • Lastly, always use pregnancy-safe skincare products. It is of utmost importance to avoid chemical overload in your body. And, some of the preservatives can be harmful to your body and baby, for example, paraffin.

Taking your pregnancy skincare routine seriously can help in the long run of your overall skin health. Remember that a pregnancy-safe skin care regime will not only help with your skins elasticity but will also limit the damage to your skin caused by the change in body through this time.


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